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Dharma Yoga Maha Sadhana with Yogi Brian and Sita's Light

Yogi Brian's Studio, 8 Parkhill Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06851

09 Sep, 2017
09 Sep, 2017

On Saturday, SEP 09 2017,  9:00AM
This event will include:
Dharma Yoga Maha Sadhana, The Whole Complete and Eternal Practice
all levels HIGH ENERGY Workshop opens with powerful mantras to
stimulate the subtle consciousness, powerful breathing exercises to calm
the mind and energize the Chakras and spiritual discourse to engage the
power of the intellect in the quest for Self-realization. A substantial
Asana session follows intended to stretch, energize and strengthen the
entire physical body and help find concentration mentally. Includes a
complete practice of Yoga Nidra - guided meditation in Shavasana to help
recharge and rejuvenate the entire system and a joyous Asana Satsang
Jam which is a devotional offering of postures to round out the
Miriam Sita Zernis and Lydia Smith will be singing and playing LIVE devotional music during this entire event.
Brian Bodhisatva OM is a named disciple of Sri Dharma Mittra and has
been personally studying with Dharmaji for over 15 years. With over
15,000 hours of Certified Advanced Yoga and Ayurveda Training, Yogi
Brian is ready to help you connect to the "Best Part of Yourself".
'Sita' Zernis has been leading group devotional chanting and playing
live music for yoga classes in CT and NY since 2008. She has had the
great fortune of studying Classical Indian Music vocals and harmonium
with Professor Paramjeet Singh and composer andrenowned sitarist Hasu
Patel. She is also an internationally certified Sivananda Yoga Master,
Rieki Master, Certified Health Coach and Interfaith Minister.

Guest: Lydia Smith - Drummer. Lydia has been drumming all her life. She
is a certified HealthRYTHMS Drum Circle Facilitator serving all
populations, and conducts drum circles all over the state.
Cost: $25 per person

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