"WhatsApp" disappears from millions of devices soon!

  Naveen Nav   3333   24 May, 2023 


Some sites interested in technology have announced that the WhatsApp application will stop working on many devices equipped with old Android systems. According to the available information, a new version of the "WhatsApp" application has been prepared, but this version contains restrictions on working with some versions of old Android systems. And some websites indicate that the beta version of "WhatsApp" for Android systems, which is currently being tested, indicated that the application will not work with smart phones and devices that have operating systems older than Android 5.0, which was launched in 2014, meaning that the application will not work with devices Equipped with Android 4.4 KitKat systems. “WhatsApp” gets another feature of “Telegram” Some programmers believe that this step by those in charge of "WhatsApp" aims to improve the application's capabilities and provide it with new features, including security features. In addition to the test version of "WhatsApp" for Android devices, a version of the application for iOS is also being tested, and this version has been provided with new emojis and some features that enhance data privacy.


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