Austrian town which inspired Disney's Frozen erects fences to keep out selfie-takers

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A Unesco World Heritage Site, Hallstatt in Austria is attempting to prevent shutter-happy tourists from disturbing locals by erecting wooden fences at scenic locales in the town. By India Today World Desk: Imposing a check on selfie-taking tourists is spreading across European destinations. The local administration in Austria's Hallstatt has installed provisional barriers to block tourists' views and prevent them from snapping a selfie. According to media reports, Hallstatt's Mayor stated that the town's residents wanted to be left alone and desired little or no intrusion from travellers or outsiders. The breathtaking backdrop to Hallstatt, located in picturesque Austrian peaks, is said to have inspired the fictional village of Arendelle in Disney's animated movie, Frozen. Reports suggest that nearly a million tourists descend on the destination annually, with plenty seeking to click selfies with stunning views. However, the town recently installed a wooden slab as fencing to prevent visitors from snapping selfies. While the preventive measure was widely shared and criticised on social media, the move is said to please locals as it would prevent disruptions and "too much noise" by outsiders at scenic spots. Hallstatt's Mayor, Alexander Scheutz, said that he intended to put up a banner urging tourists to maintain peace in view of local residents. With the loosened Covid-related norms, the number of visitors is picking up and the Austrian town is aiming to check overtourism. As of now, the Hallstatt administration has imposed a limit on the number of vehicles, buses and cars that can enter the town each day. A Unesco World Heritage Site, Hallstatt, which is also known for salt mining, showcases traditional properties that sit against a dramatic backdrop of mountains and Lake Hallstatt. It is, however, not the only European destination that is looking to stop tourists from taking selfies and the town of Portofino, situated on the Italian Riviera, has rolled down similar rules. The town introduced no-waiting zones, coupled with punitive fines on anyone found hanging around the quay or pier for too long.


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