At G20 meet Meenakshi Lekhi urges countries to voluntarily return plundered heritage

  Mohan Krishna   5054   23 Feb, 2023 


India once again reiterated its call to the world for the voluntary return of plundered heritage. Talking to the media on the sidelines of the first G20 Culture Working Group meeting, Minister of State for Culture Meenakshi Lekhi said that all such antique pieces should be back to where they belong, irrespective of how they got there. “If something has been taken away out of the country, 50 years ago or a century ago, when we were dehumanised, derecognised, and if those pieces are lying in the basements of certain museums where those have not even been displayed to the public, they should be voluntarily returned to the countries they belong to,” she said.


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